July 6

July 6 - Immigration-old immigrants “the First” o...

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July 6, 2007 Black Troops – Massachusetts 54 th - the first back regime of freedmen, contraband - all volunteers - Colonel Robert Gould shaw o Didn’t want to lead 54 th originally Demotion, penalty o Parents talked him into it – wanted him involved Nathan Bedford Forrest - Confederate colonel and one of the founding members of the KKK - 54 had to deal with him and his lack of war edicate, not direct, but significant The Darien Incident – colonel James Monegomery - 54 th was resented by other white soldiers - scene shows how they were treated o inferior
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Unformatted text preview: Immigration-old immigrants “the First” o 1607-1880 (English, German, Irish) Germans-assimilated easily-Benjamin Franklin had worries-“drunken immigrant” hurt the country-xenophobia regarding the government Nativism -the “know-nothings”-the American parties o Irish and Germans German Immigration Occupations:-artists-engineers-professionals-artisans-merchants-Lutheran priests, pastors, rabbis Persecuted?-money & self sufficient-not monolithic-literate-isolated not a threat...
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July 6 - Immigration-old immigrants “the First” o...

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