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Evaluate Kinsey - 1182615 WS 385 – Comeau To Research or...

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1182615 WS 385 – Comeau To Research or Not to Research? Kinsey is a movie about a man named Alfred Kinsey. Kinsey begins his higher education studies as an engineer and then realizes that his passion is biology. He begins extensive research on the Gal Fly, and develops many different research methods from that experience. He then begins studies on humans and their sexual behavior, which needless to say sparks up quite a bit of controversy. The methods Kinsey uses to do hhis research could be easily reflected and used for other studies about topics that people may not be so willing to talk about, especially anything having to do with people of the LGBTI community. How is Kinsey’s approach similar and/or different than the research methods we have discussed in class? In the beginning of the movie, Kinsey goes over several methods with the people he trains to help interview people. They give him mock interviews and he critiques them on the things that they should or should not do when conducting the interview. Kinsey decides that he is going to conduct oral interviews rather than giving out questionnaires and asking people to answer them. One of the characters in the movie mentions “you don’t want to use questionnaires because they might make the survey feel more like an assignment.” Another point of using oral interviews is that you don’t have everything recorded on paper that goes on in the interview that might make people a little more willing to reveal things. One of the things he stresses about beginning the interview is to make the person feel comfortable, because you have to remember that you are discussing
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Evaluate Kinsey - 1182615 WS 385 – Comeau To Research or...

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