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Kinsey notes

Kinsey notes - • questionnaires seem too much like...

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Kinsey 1. in school to be an engineer by his father’s wishes 2. dropped out of school to be a biologist 3. father has a senior position at the school (patriarchal prick) 4. “not all sex has to be justified by love” Advice given to interviewers: Be real… no euphemisms (“pleasure yourself” instead masturbate) Don’t judge people on their responses (face the when makes when giving Kinsey a mock interview) Stress confidentiality (method of keeping records) Don’t make yourself out to be the villain (guy w/ mustache) No questions where there is a possibility to leave something out (what kind of relationship do you have with your mother and your father?) Don’t hesitate with questioning, might cause interviewees to become uncomfortable Sex questionnaires (asks for honesty and accuracy) 100 cases is hardly representative
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Unformatted text preview: • questionnaires seem too much like homework • especially when dealing revealing damage • talking to people yields more information • building in wires to detect lies • attempts to walk up to people and just ask them and it fails (gay bar) • collect more than anyone else and homosexuals is the best place to start • putting yourself on there level, acting like he really cares • social restraints ideas of exclusivity and monogamy • asks comparative questions… b/c everyone is different but most people want to be the same • start by outing the subject at ease (something to drink, ask about her weekend) • should be impartial Responses: • Gap btw what we think and what is actually happen • 0 to 6 (exclusively heterosexual to exclusively homosexual)...
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