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Cameron Barth Brownson 10/9/07 Civ 101 Greek Essay Democracies, the arts, one third of the words in the English vocabulary, and a long list of other things have all contributed to modern culture by the Greeks. Most people don’t truly understand just how much the Greek people have contributed to the world, and although they were not perfect and had almost constant civil wars, many of the first great philosophers and historians came from this time period. Take for instance, Herodotus, who is credited as being the first historian and also wrote down an accurate chronicle of events for The Battle of Themopolyaes. The Greeks have also given us the Spartan warriors, who are today still regarded as being one of the greatest warriors the world has ever seen. Yes, some of the beliefs and rules the Greeks lived by would be greatly frowned upon today, but many of the rules, regulations, and beliefs they had put in place are still widely used today. The Greeks developed a system of government that is widely used around the world today, democracy. Whether they knew it or not this was going to be one of the largest contributions they made. Thucydides explains it simply yet perfectly, “Our form of government does not enter into rivalry with the institutions of others. We do not copy our neighbors, but are an example to them. It is true that we are called a democracy, for the administration is in the hands of the many and not of the few.” (I3). It seems they had the right idea from the very beginning, but it takes more then just a good idea, you also 1
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must follow through with it. For a short time it seemed the Greeks managed to do so and
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Greek essay - 1 Cameron Barth Brownson Civ 101 Greek Essay...

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