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HERBERT LEHMAN COLLEGE AFRICAN AND AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES INTRODUCTION TO BLACK STUDIES Professor Michael A. Deas Fall 2007 Exam Date___________________ Name: _________ Maya Jordan __________________________ 1. The Freedman’s bureau was to _____________________. ___set up schools for Blacks ___provide medical services for Blacks ___resettle Black ___provide legal assistance and protection for Blacks ___manage, lease and sell them confiscated and abandoned lands _X_ all of the above ___none of the above 2. Black Studies are the critical and systematic study of the thought and practice of African people in their current and historical unfolding. _X _TRUE ___FALSE 3. Name and activities that surrounded the National Association Colored Women Federation: 1)education 2) lynching of Black men, women and children 3)white sexual abuse and attacks on the moral character of the Black woman 4) health care 5) child care services and housing for orphans 6) care for the elderly 7) job training 8) the broad struggle for struggle for social justice and equal rights . 4. African Americans’ opposition to the war in Vietnam was based on their opposition to: 1)The government’s war against Third World liberation movements and the_____ people’s in general and Vietnam in particular 2) The threat the draft posed to____ Blacks and other males of color not covered by the student deferment and_______ especially vulnerable in the south and 3) fighting an unjust war for a nation_____ depriving Blacks of basic civil and human rights. . 5. Where was Africans seasoned? _X _Caribbean Islands ___United States ___Europe 1
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___none of the above 6. SNCC was mobilized and organized by thousands of White Students and politicized many Black Students to work in the struggle. _X _TRUE ___FALSE 7. Name the four student movements: The Civil Rights Movement . The Free Speech Movement . The Anti-Vietnam War Movement . The Black Power Movement . 8. On February 9, 1968 who was appointed as coordinator of Black Studies and given the task of formulating an autonomous Black Studies Department. _X _Dr. Nathan Hare ___Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ___Dr. W.E.B. Dubois ___none of the above 9. What two forms of sexual abuse and brutality became the two principal forms of sexual abuse and brutality especially on the women _________________? _X _breeding and rape ___marriage and divorce ___being shared by husband and slave master ___all of the above 10. What was the name of the student movement organization? ___Student Non-Violation Corruption Committee ___Student New-Venture Coordinating Committee ___Student Non-Violent Coorganization Committee _X _Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee ___none of the above 11. Black Studies not only benefit the Black community but society as well. _X_
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