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Paper 1 Revised - Li 1 Gloria Li February 5, 2008 WSII:...

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Li 1 Gloria Li February 5, 2008 WSII: Myths and Fables Dragons in Chinese and Western Mythology The dragon has always been a highly regarded creature within Chinese and Western mythologies. The notion of dragons often conjures up images of large, murderous, fire-breathing beast or a snake-like, powerful and protective creature. Though equally ubiquitous in both cultures, the appearances and underlying symbolism of the two creatures are very different. It seems that the only thing the two mystical beasts has in common is a name. Human creates these magnificent beasts in stories kind that are used to represent something of great spiritual significance for all cultures. Thus, the differences characterized by the western and Chinese dragons suggest that each culture has its separate explanation for the appearances and symbolism for these creatures. The Chinese dragon is often depicted as a long, scaled, snake-like, and wing-less creature that is floating in the sky. The Chinese dragon originated at around 4500BC, during the reign of the Yellow Emperor 1 , according to cultural relics that have been left behind at the Yellow River Valley (A Study of Dragons, 17). The appearance of the Chinese dragon may have been taken from the myth describing the battle between the Yellow Emperor and the Fire Emperor. The myth explains that, “The Yellow Emperor 1 Also known as Huang-di. He was more a mythical god than a ruler of the Chinese nation.
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Li 2 and the Fire emperor fought in the field of Banquan. The Yellow Emperor had a bear, brown bear, wolf, leopard, panther and tiger as the vanguard, and hawk, culture, eagle and harrier as the banner” (17). It is often believed that the Yellow Emperor joined the totems of all these animals together, forming the “more complex and fabulous dragon”
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Paper 1 Revised - Li 1 Gloria Li February 5, 2008 WSII:...

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