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Timed Library Research Project: An “Informal” Paper I entered the domain of Bobst Library at 10: 05am for the second time in my life. As I approached it, I started to feel nervous, remember the first time I was inside the library which was during my college tour in my junior year of high school. I went through the revolving doors, searching for my NYU ID so I’ll be prepared as I approach the fashionable yet slow-reaction gates. As I walked into the lobby, I glanced upwards for a moment, it seemed like I was in a planetarium, only instead of stars, I saw rows after rows of books lined up on the shelves behind the glass panels. I went further inside the “cave”. I call it the “cave” since that was what it felt like to me, dark and full of mystery. I finally reached the reference area and as I looked around, I was glad to see rows and rows of computers. I decided to start my search with what I was most comfortable with, a computer. I logged into Bobcat and starting searching for books that met my needs. As I logged onto Bobcat and started typing out the topics I was interested in, “the use of
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