Paper 3 - Li 1 Gloria Wing Tung Li March 1 2008 WSII Myths...

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Li 1 Gloria Wing Tung Li March 1, 2008 WSII: Myths and Fables Prof. Lennox Explanation of Myth Adaptation An adaptation is a modification of the original artwork or literature in order for the new author to express what they think is significant in the piece more strongly. For example, Walt Disney turns many myths and fables into children stories in order to make them more available to people of younger ages. In order to get their point across, they simplified these stories, made the characters cute and into cartoons, took out the gruesome and inappropriate parts of the plot and produced a children’s version of whatever story they started with. In Disney’s version of Cinderella, they added friendly mice that helped Cinderella with her chores, they took out the part where the evil stepsisters were punished, and they added in a beautiful pumpkin chariot and glass slippers. With different audiences in mind comes different choices in adaptations and with different myths or fables comes different needs for changes. Many things will have to be changed an adaptation but many things will have to remain the same. In order for the adapted version to still be based on the original story, the author will have to be extremely careful with what they take out and what they leave in. Taking out too much may ruin the main plot of the story, where as preserving too much will not change enough of the original for it to be called an adaptation. Furthermore, the author must be able to justify their choices for changes, explain why they decided to change in the
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Paper 3 - Li 1 Gloria Wing Tung Li March 1 2008 WSII Myths...

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