Ch 2,3 - Ch. 2 (45-53), 3 Ability= an individual's capacity...

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Ch. 2 (45-53), 3 Ability= an individual’s capacity to perform the various tasks in a job Intellectual abilities= the capacity to do mental activities- thinking, reasoning, and problem solving o Number aptitude= ability to do speedy and accurate arithmetic o Verbal comprehension= ability to understand what is read or heard and the relationship of words to each other o Perceptual speed= ability to identify visual similarities and differences quickly and accurately o Inductive reasoning= ability to identify a logical sequence in a problem and then solve the problem o Deductive reasoning= ability to use logic and assess the implications of an argument o Spatial visualization= ability to imagine how an object could look if its position in space were changes o Memory= ability to retain and recall past experiences Multiple intelligences= intelligence contains four subparts; cognitive, social, emotional, and cultural Physical ability= the capacity to do tasks demanding stamina, dexterity, strength,
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Ch 2,3 - Ch. 2 (45-53), 3 Ability= an individual's capacity...

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