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Stephanie Chin Professor Tolan Discussion Section 14728 Assignment #2 Ch. 11: The Business of Blogs 1. Blogs will most likely affect the message decoding and feedback the most. Any message can be said or written in the same way, but it cannot be decoded in the same way. Without gestures and accents readers may be unsure about a blog and therefore a blog may negatively effect decoding. Blogs will also affect feedback because, as businesses have found, people post blogs both supporting and rejecting certain products and companies. Posting your own opinions about products and companies on such a public area will probably create more feedback than if you were only talking to one other person. 2. Blogging can be both good and bad; If someone absolutely adores a product and they post it on a blog others may be more inclined to test out the product and so on, on the other hand, if something bad happens in a company that too could get out and harm the company. Blogging is not always accurate which could also be
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