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syllabus 303 - F&N 303: ESSENTIALS OF NUTRITION, Spring...

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F&N 303: ESSENTIALS OF NUTRITION, Spring Semester 2008 Class Period: M, W, F at 2:30 PM, CL50 224 Instructors Jay Burgess, Ph.D. Stone Hall G1F, 494-8239, Teaching Assistants Robert Pazdro, G-25 STON Lu Wu, G-54 STON Check Blackboard for TA office hours Course Objectives 1. To acquire a knowledge base of well-established scientific concepts in the field of nutrition. 2. To acknowledge the dynamic nature of nutrition science. 3. To apply practical nutrition knowledge to personal and professional life. 4. To analyze current issues in nutrition and separate fact from fallacy. 5. To promote nutrition awareness through analysis of personal food intake and energy use. 6. To foster healthful nutrition habits by identifying and implementing beneficial practices. Text: Thompson, J and Anderson, M. Nutrition: An Applied Approach, Custom edition, Pearson Custom Publishing , 2007 (Available at local bookstores) Blackboard: Grades, project assignments, online quizzes, contact information, class notes, and other pertinent information will be on the Blackboard site for F&N 303. eInstruction: eInstruction will be used for class participation throughout the course of the semester. Points will be awarded during class to students that attend and respond to the questions posed. A total of 30 points can be earned (1-2 per class) starting the 2 nd week of the semester. Grading: Course grades will be determined by performance on in-class quizzes (120 points), online quizzes (100), class participation (30 points), and projects (150 points). Total points = 400 points Grading scale: > 90% = A (360 points or above) 80-89% = B (320 – 359 points) 70-79% = C (280 – 319 points) 60-69% = D (240 – 279 points) < 59% = F ( < 240 points) In-Class Quizzes: Thirteen quizzes worth 10 points each will
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syllabus 303 - F&amp;N 303: ESSENTIALS OF NUTRITION, Spring...

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