Bio 101 - Lecture 1

Bio 101 - Lecture 1 - Biology 101 An Introduction to...

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1 Lecturer: Dr. Roman P. Lanno Course Co-ordinator: Adam Andrews Assistant Course Co-ordinator: Amy Kulesza Laboratory teaching assistants Head TA: Adrea Rodriguez Biology 101 An Introduction to Biology Purpose of the Course: To mentor an understanding of how biology (& science) is done To develop an understanding of the major issues of the human condition which are based in biology To provide you with enough background in biology (& science) to understand/critique newspaper articles To learn about biology by doing biology NOT the purpose of this course: To begin the life science major education of future doctors, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists, optometrists, phlebotomists, zoo keepers, crocodile hunters, or other life science professionals Course structure: Lecture: Tues., Thurs., 10:00-11:18 “What’s News?” Planned topics Laboratory: 3 hr, one day/wk Inquiry-based science What do I need to buy? 1. Biology 101 Laboratory Manual 2. The New York Times Required text Biology: Concepts and Applications by C. Starr, C.A. Evers, and L. Starr, 7th Edition, © 2008 ISBN number – 0-495-11981-4 Three important notes about the lab: Labs begin Monday, Dec. 7 Wear clothes suitable for tromping around outside for the first lab You will need the lab manual
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2 Course evaluation Lecture: 200 points total All from weekly quizzes Quizzes: Multiple choice: lectures, What’s News?, assigned readings, videos Lab: 250 points total 180 points from weekly lab exercises 40 points from newspaper blog 30 points for participation Blog of newspaper articles Newspaper articles posted weekly on Carmen Required reading Post an insightful question, opinion, or comment on the Discussion Board for your lab section in Carmen Grades assigned by TAs
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Bio 101 - Lecture 1 - Biology 101 An Introduction to...

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