Bio 101 - Quiz 1 Blue Key

Bio 101 - Quiz 1 Blue Key - Biology 101: An Introduction to...

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Biology 101: An Introduction to Biology Winter Quarter 2008 Lecture Quiz 1, Blue Form Instructions: For each question below, fill in the space on the bubble on the Scantron corresponding to the best answer for that question. There is always one best answer, though more than one may appear plausible upon first glance. This quiz covers lecture and reading material from 1/3-1/10 and is worth 30 points. Be sure to indicate on the top of your answer sheet which color of quiz you are taking; if you fail to do this, your answer sheet may be graded with the wrong key and you will be responsible for the poor grade that will likely result. Questions are based upon lectures, newspaper articles provided for you on Carmen, videos, or their discussion in class. 1. Which of the following is NOT true about the scientific method? A. The scientific method provides data from experimentation that supports an hypothesis. B. The scientific method can generate predictions based upon an hypothesis. C. The scientific method seeks to test hypotheses against the natural world. D. The scientific method uses supernatural explanations to test hypotheses. E. The scientific method can generate data that either supports or does not support an hypothesis. 2. In “Prisoners of Silence” we were introduced to an experimental method for communicating with autistic people called __________ A. Cognitive communication B. Facilitated communication C. Computerized tomography D. Ouija boards E. Assisted typography 3. Which of the following statements regarding probability is NOT true? A. Probability can be expressed as a ratio (e.g., 0.5). B. Probability ranges from 0% (0.0) to 100% (1.0). C. Probability can be used to describe the chance of occurrence of the gene controlling leucism in populations of robins. D.
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Bio 101 - Quiz 1 Blue Key - Biology 101: An Introduction to...

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