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SOCI-142 Notes - SOCI-142 Diversity and Racial Conflict:...

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SOCI-142 Diversity and Racial Conflict: Lecture Notes 8/27/07 The Sociological Imagination (Mills 1959) Seeing the strange in the familiar Seeing the general in the specific Seeing the individual in context Key Sociological Concepts Norms- prescribed patterns of behavior Values- commonly held standards for judging right and wrong, good and bad Social status- position in a social structure Social structure- the complete set of statuses and relationships in a society or social institution Social institution- set of social arrangements established and maintained to order social relations in fundamental areas of social life The Study of Fee Will (W.E.B. Dubios on Sociology and Black Community) “What after all are we trying to do but make a science of human action?” “Sociology is the science that seeks to measure the limits of chance in human action, OR if you will excuse the paradox, it is the science of free will.” The Study of Social Fact (Durkheim: The Rules of Sociological Method) “A social fact is any way of acting, capable of exerting over the individual an external constraint OR which is general over the whole of a given society whilst having an existence of its own, independent of individual manifesto.” Suicide (rates)- social determinants of a most intimate personal act Baby names- striving to be unique Race and ethnicity as social construction Interested in the relationships between… Individuals Individuals and social institutions Social institutions Social institutions and societies Societies What sociology is not… Social work Psychology Philosophy Biology We look around the individual rather than inside her/him to understand her/his behaviors attitudes, and status Phenotype concerns us but genotype less so Phenotype- observable physical or biochemical traits of an organism, as determined by both genetics and environment Genotype- genetic makeup of an organism or a group of organisms
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For Next time Are racial distinctions natural distinctions? Is racism natural? Does it matter? 8/29/07 Third Rock From the Sun Sociological commentary? o Gender naturally different o Race treated as an inherited trait; behave differently depending on race What’s this class really about? To what extend is ours an open society? o Cast vs. class o Ascription vs. achievement o Plutocracy vs. meritocracy o Open system= possibility of changing level or family members changing level o Closed system= impossible to move o Ascribed characteristics= those that we have no power over (male, white) o How much does it matter if you’re a female graduate? o
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SOCI-142 Notes - SOCI-142 Diversity and Racial Conflict:...

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