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Bio 101 - Quiz 6 White Key

Bio 101 - Quiz 6 White Key - Biology 101 An Introduction to...

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Biology 101: An Introduction to Biology Winter Quarter 2008 Lecture Quiz 6, White Form Instructions: For each question below, fill in the space on the bubble sheet corresponding to the best answer for that question. There is always one best answer, though more than one may appear plausible upon first glance. This quiz covers class and reading material from 2/12-2/14 and is worth 20 points. Be sure to indicate on the top of your answer sheet which color of quiz you are taking; if you fail to do this, your answer sheet may be graded with the wrong key and you will be responsible for the poor grade that will likely result. 1. Based upon the video “Harvest of Fear”, which of the following is NOT an accurate statement about genetically modified agricultural crops? A. StarLink corn had not been licensed for human consumption by the USDA and foods containing StarLink corn were not labeled so. B. Greenpeace and Monsanto are now working in partnership to increase the use of GM crops in Africa. C. Most people in the US have eaten GM foods and may not even be aware they have done so. D. The private sector has been pushing GM crops and considers them safe while the public interest groups are cautioning that allergic responses may occur to some proteins in GM foods. E. GM crops may be particularly important in countries that cannot afford high tech fertilizers and pesticides.
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