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science interview - Hannah Metcalfe Geol 130 04/08/07 One...

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Hannah Metcalfe Geol 130 04/08/07 One scientist’s view of science and technology. Introduction The interviewee chosen was Paul Metcalfe PhD, a Principal Scientist at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, UK. He was chosen because of ease of access and a willingness to take part. He has 29 years of experience in blood transfusion and associated research. The interview was carried out initially by telephone and it was continued subsequently by e-mail correspondence. Method I asked Paul questions specifically related to the similarities and differences between science and technology as this was part of the course I found particularly interesting and challenging. He replied in great detail and throughout the interview asked numerous times if I understood what he was saying. I later came to think that this is because science is often kept out of the media for fear that most people simply won’t understand the terminology, and as such scientists strive to communicate with those outside of the scientific community in such a way that they are sure will be clearly understood.
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Results I began the interview by asking Paul what kind of work he does regularly and he told me that his work mainly covers two areas, transfusion medicine and genetic testing. He went on to explain that the job involves making reference materials for other labs around the world who do diagnostic work in these
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science interview - Hannah Metcalfe Geol 130 04/08/07 One...

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