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Stephanie Chin Prof. Conti WRIT-140 Assignment #1 Assignment #1: A Pluralistic Community A pluralistic community is a community in which multiple distinct ethnic and cultural groups exist and interact as a single united whole. USC pride’s itself on having one of the most diverse student populations in the nation, and although the wide range of different cultures and ethnicities is apparent, the University does not represent a truly pluralistic community. As much as our difference are unique and enriching, we continue to use them as reasons to segregate, and rather than sharing our cultures with people of different origins, we settle into the comfort of interaction solely between people like ourselves. Diversity is the first step to achieving a pluralistic community, but when it is used instead as a tool for segregation, diversity hinders our ability to accept and overcome our differences and work together as a united community. The University of Southern California has accomplished it’s goal of attracting and promoting a diverse campus life with men and women from different backgrounds, cultures, and countries, but, because of the students’ inability to overstep our comfort zones and intermingle with others different from ourselves, it has not created a pluralistic community. During one day’s observation in my writing class, I watched the ever-present diversity that we allowed to create boundaries between ourselves and people different from ourselves; not only do we always segregate into groups of race, but we also interact very little with other groups. The university has done its job in creating a diverse campus life, it is up to the students to create a truly pluralistic community.
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Our classroom has been segregated from day one. No one told us where to sit or
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Assignment #1 - Stephanie Chin Prof Conti WRIT-140...

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