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Bio 101 Quiz/Exam Policies Your last name and OSU.number are required on your scantron. o Clearly fill in and double check that all bubbles are penciled in completely. o Your quiz may not be scored correctly or recorded otherwise. At the top of your scantron, be sure to write your T.A.’s name and the color or form of the quiz you took. o If you do not write the color/form of your quiz, it may be graded with the wrong key. Always use a #2 pencil . If you are absent the day of the test you must contact the head T.A. within 24 hours of the time the test was taken. o If you miss for a valid reason recognized by the University and provide sufficient documentation to support your circumstances, you will receive an excused absence. o Those students receiving an excused absence will be given a make-up quiz within one (1) week of the original test at a time designated by the head
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Unformatted text preview: T.A. Only serious documentation will be accepted. o Examples include: severe illness with doctors note, death in the immediate family, military leave, and university sanctioned functions. o Not included: work-related absences or lack of child care. o Only your head T.A. may determine if your excuse is valid and merit you a makeup form of the quiz. Any disputes over test questions are to be discussed with your T.A. To dispute a test score or missing score, you must first contact your T.A. If he/she is unable to solve your problem you may then contact Amy Kulesza ( ), the Assistant Course Coordinator. You have 10 business days from the day the score is posted on Carmen to dispute it. After 10 days it will remain as is....
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