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Bio 101 - Syllabus - BIO 101: An Introduction to Biology...

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BIO 101: An Introduction to Biology Winter Quarter 2008 Lecturer: Dr. Roman P. Lanno Course Coordinator: Mr. Adam L. Andrews Department of Entomology Center for Life Sciences Education 492 Aronoff Laboratory 255B Jennings Hall 318 West 12 th Avenue 1735 Neil Avenue Phone: 292-4943 Phone: 247-6345 e-mail: [email protected] e-mail: [email protected] Assistant Course Coordinator: Ms. Amy Kulesza, JE 255D, 247-0029, [email protected] Head TA: Mrs. Adrea C. Rodriguez, [email protected] Class Meeting Schedule: Lecture: TR 10:00-11:18, Independence Hall 100 Lab/Recitation: 3 hours per week; consult your schedule for time and place Class Format: The first part of each lecture will normally be spent on a “What’s News” segment, in which we review issues of importance in biology that have appeared in The New York Times or other newspapers in the preceding days. The remainder of each lecture will typically be an informative lecture on one or more basic principles in biology. On Tuesdays (starting January 15) there will be a weekly quiz. As it is impossible to predict what will appear in The New York Times on any given day, we cannot predict how large a proportion of the lecture time the “What’s News” segment will consume. Thus, the lecture schedule that appears later in this syllabus should be considered tentative, and students need to remain current with course material to know what will be covered on the weekly quizzes. Students will also be required to post questions and comments on a lab section blog that discusses current reading of newspaper articles on selected topics in biology. The laboratory portion of this course is designed on the principle of inquiry-based science. Few of the laboratory exercises have pre-planned “correct” answers; rather, students will use their inquiry skills to investigate and develop insights into various aspects of biology. Prerequisites: Required: Math 075, 104, or equivalent. A high school biology course will be very helpful. Surveys conducted by the Center for Life Sciences Education indicate that approximately 98% of BIO 101 students have had a formal course in biology at some time. Recommended: A curiosity and fascination about the nature of life around you, belief that you can learn something interesting and relevant in a large class, ability to read The New York Times , any experience preparing food, and a sense of humor. Required Materials: Biology 101 Laboratory Manual (available at all bookstores) The New York Times (information given out in class) Internet Access: Carmen is an integral part of this course. You must activate your OSU email account to have access to Carmen. The Carmen URL is and Biology 101 should be listed under My Courses on your Carmen homepage. The username to log on is your OSU name.# and the password is the one you use with all OSU email and registration systems. If you have a problem logging in or using Carmen, contact 688-HELP or [email protected]
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Bio 101 - Syllabus - BIO 101: An Introduction to Biology...

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