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Assignment 3 - Stephanie Chin Gina Conti Assignment 3 Rap...

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Stephanie Chin Gina Conti Assignment 3 Rap and Hip-Hop have historically been types of music used to express opinions, struggles, and hopes, and although it remains a tool for expression, today, rap has become more of a fad for teenagers and young adults to dance to at parties than a sources of expression . Along with this popularization of rap and hip-hop comes a force that drives artists to rap what sells, even if it does involve promoting demeaning stereotypes. Listened to more closely, the lyrics create more than just beats for us to move with, they are outcries about the social and political inequalities that still exist in our society. Although many rap and hip-hop lyrics portray sex, violence, and objectification of women, just a few of the many stereotypes we seen in rap today, it is the basis of these stereotypes and not the stereotypes themselves that are important. We must look at the deeper reason for why rap has become increasingly vulgar before solutions are created to eliminate these stereotypes. Many critics argue that rap is destructive to certain races; I argue that it is society that is destructive towards these certain races that is reflected through rap. Instead of reasoning the feelings behind these stereotypes, we jump straight to the conclusion that they must be eliminated. Therefore, when attempting to abolish the degrading stereotypes that are so prominent in today’s rap and hip-hop, we must realize that these stereotypes have evolved from a social idea and attempt to fix the basis of that idea rather than simply eliminate or censor the stereotype. Anything can be censored, the true cure to a stereotype is by eliminating the foundation that it is built upon. Although critics would resort to censorship as an immediate and effective means of eliminating stereotypes in rap and hip-hop, it is the social inequities reflected in these degrading
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stereotypes that society should attempt to fix, not just the lyrics that they hear. Although now rap and hip-hop is critiqued for its promotion of negative
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Assignment 3 - Stephanie Chin Gina Conti Assignment 3 Rap...

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