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EAS 1600 Final_Exam_Sample1 - EAS 1600 INTRODUCTION TO...

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- 1 - EAS 1600 - INTRODUCTION TO ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES Final Exam - Sample 1 There is no answer key for this sample. It is provided as tool for you to use in preparation for the final exam. Use these questions to build an understanding of the material that may be coverd on the Final Exam.
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- 2 - 1. Circle the one option below that is the correct conclusion. You are leading a team exploring another planet. In your explorations you run an experiment. On one side of the planet you set up a seismographic station. On the other side of the planet your colleagues detonate a large explosive device. At some time after the explosion, your seismograph records both a P-Wave, and an S-Wave. From these data you may conclude that: a. The planet has an iron-nickel core. b. The planet has a layer of molten material in its interior. c. The planet has a solid interior. d. The planet is tectonically active. 2. Scientists have theorized that increasing CO 2 emissions have caused increases in the surface temperature of the Earth and that as the emissions continue the temperatures will continue to rise. List two factors which induce uncertainty into these theories. 3. List four observations that led Wegener to develop his hypothesis of Continental Drift: a. b. c. d. 4. You are exploring an Earth-like planet in another solar system. Examining numerous core samples from the sea floor, you determine that the oldest portion of the ocean floor is 500 millions years old
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EAS 1600 Final_Exam_Sample1 - EAS 1600 INTRODUCTION TO...

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