01 Fish Schooling Report - Chad K Bush 29 September 2005...

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Chad K. Bush 29 September 2005 Lab Report 1 From Autonomous Individuals to Collective Aggregations in Striped Minnows ABSTRACT The schooling patterns of a striped species of minnow fish were observed to ascertain the number of fish required to form a school and whether a fish introduced to an environment with a school already in place was more inclined to school. The procedure consisted of introducing a fish to an aquarium tank environment that already contained one isolated fish at the opposite end of the tank, and by degrees introducing more fish to the tank. The experiment yielded that upon introduction to an environment, a fish is more likely to begin schooling behavior if more fish are present in the environment and are already schooling. INTRODUCTION Aggregation to some extent happens in all species of animals – from bacteria to gorillas to blue whales. (Parrish 2002) With regards to fish, over 50% of all species of fish school (show synchronous and coordinated movement) at some time in their life (Shaw 1978) and an unknown percentage of the other species show less-organized forms of schooling. (Parrish 2002) Thus, the purpose of this experiment is to uncover and reaffirm any relationship between the number of fish in a population and the tendency of those fish to have synchronous and organized schooling behaviors.
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This lab report was uploaded on 02/21/2008 for the course BIOLOGY 110 taught by Professor Gradlabta during the Spring '08 term at University Of Southern Mississippi .

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01 Fish Schooling Report - Chad K Bush 29 September 2005...

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