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Chad K. Bush Jared Hegwood English 101 25 October 2005 Just a Little Burger Joint A cuboidal structure made of whitewashed cinder blocks has stood on the west side of Market Street in downtown Pascagoula, Mississippi, for decades. With its simplicity of design and southern graces, deliciously greasy foods, and rich historical significance, Edd’s Drive Inn is a symbol of what is the South. I come here to enjoy what is the pinnacle of southern culture: its food, and Edd’s definitively fulfills this requirement. I drive into the parking lot between Edd’s and the nearby hanger-like Family Frozen Foods, and I can see the white shirted attendants just inside the pane of glass that stretches to fill both sides and the front of the building. They work busily, trying to fulfill the day’s rush of lunch orders coming from quite a diverse consumer base. Edd’s is known in this little industrial town for its astounding assortment of chili cheeseburgers, foot-long hotdogs and chocolate malt shakes, and the building is enveloped with the redolence of sweet onions and barbecue sauce. A green and white striped awning hangs just beneath the sign reading “Edd’s Drive Inn” preceded by a wooden waffle cone cutout filled with vanilla and chocolate twist ice cream. A peculiar, little ordering window is in the back of the building, and, until recently, it was never used, so I always see it closed. The seldom phone-in order might be picked up there, but otherwise no one mans the window. It has the same un-kept chrome as the other windows in the building, but a red 1
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dirt-filled dust encases the ledge on the window’s exterior. Spider webs flutter from the corners of the roof overhang, beckoning all who might be patron to this temple dedicated
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03a Essay 01 - Edd's Drive Inn - Chad K Bush Jared Hegwood...

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