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Chad K. Bush J. Hegwood 29 September 2005 English 101 The Coffee Encounter With one step past the door’s threshold, the experience is overwhelming. Starbucks Coffee Company overloads the senses. Here, to the side of the first floor lobby in Cook Library, the arts and sciences meld in the aromatic mixture of contemporary décor, jazzy lounge music and fresh coffee. A specimen of progressive culture, Starbucks offers much of what a college student is looking for in a perfect hangout spot. Young faces are everywhere, and the large room is sectioned into four comfortably small areas for the relaxing privacy of those patrons of caffeine. To many, coffee is more than a beverage: it is a way of life, and the perfect medium for its expression is this post-modern tribute to the culture of the hip, the cool, the modern and the popular. To look at the interior of Starbucks is to see contemporary style at its best. The very clean, straight lines and smooth surfaces combined with warm earthy tones make the coffee
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