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IR 101 term paper - Hannah Metcalfe IR101 Prof James Term...

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Unformatted text preview: Hannah Metcalfe IR101 Prof James 11/04/06 Term Paper Does Globalization threaten cultural diversity? As the political commentator and author of Jihad vs McWorld Benjamin Barber said, “Globalization is a declaration of war upon all other cultures. And in cultural wars, there is no exemption for civilians; there are no innocent bystanders." While some political commentators such as Julia Galeota, may argue that the spread of Western influence is a pernicious and harmful process, seeing Nuba tribesmen in Kenya wearing Nike T-shits for example. Others such as Phillipe Legrain, promote the view that the spread of Western cultural influences such as TV, fashion, music, and food can run in tandem with indigenous cultures. His argument is furthered as he argues that globalization as the promotion of free market does not dilute or pollute cultural, and in particular linguistic, diversity, rather it enhances it. The supporters of Legrain’s ideas argue that globalization gives people from all corners of the world the opportunity to find, embrace, and share the language and literature of different cultures that might otherwise have escaped them. There are those who argue that cultural diversity is diminishing predict that globalisation will produce a world with one language, one soft drink, and one fast food to consume, one voice singing and worryingly only one view of the world. Julia Galoeta is one of them. She argues that American corporations are very adept as selling the idea of America as “the land of cool.” To do so, she insists, they pitch diversity, and give the false impression that US goods transcend political, ethnic, religious, social and economics differences, and that by doing so companies such as Coca Cola show, in individual countries, that world peace can supposedly by achieved through consumerism. She points to the use of local popular Bollywood icons being used by US businesses to advertise their product...
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This note was uploaded on 10/07/2007 for the course IR 100xg taught by Professor Siler during the Fall '06 term at USC.

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IR 101 term paper - Hannah Metcalfe IR101 Prof James Term...

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