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Unformatted text preview: Meaning!?#%@&* Dr. Do Kyun Kim Interpretation, Understanding Polysemy: Anything can have a variety of different meanings and interpretations meaning. People do not find meaning, but make The relationship between meaning, history, and ways of life is precisely what is meat by "culture." What is meaning? Meaning as representational representational word > object involving a process of naming Meaning as conceptual conceptual word > concept Justice? Truth? O.K...Getting deeper... People seem to share common CODEs that provide common maps of the meaningfulness of the world. CODE: a systemic structure of organization of signs SIGN: something that stands in for something else.... What does that MEAN? Semiotics! The study of signs What is sign? Eco (1976) Everything can be a sign if it generates and conveys meaning Sign: Physically existing and Nonexisting objects as long as the objects have meanings. The study that investigate and philosophizing how meanings are created and how they resonate with individuals and societies. General and Specific Semiotics (Mick, 1986) General semiotics: the nature of meaning Specific semiotics: "How does our reality words, gestures, myths, products/services. Theories acquiring meaning?" Sign Meaning! All the time! The Concept of "TEXT" in Semiotics Everything Jasinski (2001): The concept of text as a communicative act and a specific message Beasley and Danesi (2001): An actual message with its particular form and contents. A text delivers its meaning through diverse routes (e.g., visual t., audio t., linguistic t...) CODE? A code is a systemic organization or structure of signs. "Meaning is located in the codes of society." Encoding (formation) and Decoding (understanding): How is social knowledge is dialectically confirmed between authors and viewers? Code... A system of signs Sign = signifier / signified Signifier: A material form Signified: Meaning Prison term Repentant Forgiven Relief Convicted Welcome home!! Semiotic View of Meaning Polysemy: A different understanding of signifiers Articulation Intertextuality Translatability ...
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