05 Socrates - #1 Thing Pre-Socratics are interested in is...

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#1 Thing Pre-Socratics are interested in is the Cosmos in generally – the Nature of Things. Democritus brings us to the point when Socrates was young. Huge shift with Socrates: He was not interested in the cosmos, in the nature of things. He was interested in civilization, the structure of human life, the building blocks of civilization: truth, knowledge, beauty, courage, He was born in 470 BC and died in 399. His father was a stonemason, a skilled worker, who worked in the quauaries. His mother was a professional midwife. Only 1 alllusion to his childhood: when he was very young, he tried out some art, but we don’t know what. When he was 17 or 18, he joined the military – which was compulsory for 2 years. He continued in the military as a professional soldier, and he received some notoriety for encouraging the troops to defeat the enemy in 1 story and in the other he fought alongside a friend Alsabaiades in hand to hand combat. Als fell down and Socrates stayed by his side until aid came. He retired from the military, got a pension, and returned to Athens. Maybe he had PTSD or something, but he started asking questions and reading the pre-Socratics. He was disappointed, saying that they were not asking the important questions, that is, about human life and human value. He started asking people: the poets, what is inspiration? Politicians, what is power? General, what is courage? Throwing yourself in the face of the enemy. What about killing them by shooting from the
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05 Socrates - #1 Thing Pre-Socratics are interested in is...

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