091906Thermometer Calibration Experiment

091906Thermometer Calibration Experiment - Thermometer...

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Thermometer Calibration Experiment CH 141 Laura Dunn 9/19/06 Section 101
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Purpose : To calibrate an unmarked thermometer with boiling point and freezing point of an unknown liquid, and to check calibration of locker thermometer using boiling and freezing points of water. Procedure : It is most efficient to perform this experiment as two parallel experiments. For example, determining the freezing point of water on the Locker Thermometer at the same time you mark the freezing point of water on the uncalibrated thermometer. 1. Freezing Point of Water Prepare an ice bath (a slurry of ice and water) in your 250 ml beaker. Using the thermometer adapter and a clamp suspend the uncalibrated thermometer in the ice bath. Stir the ice bath with your stirring rod, not the thermometer. When the fluid in the thermometer no longer moves, mark the place with a small rubber band (cut tubing). Remove the uncalibrated thermometer and measure the distance from the bottom of the thermometer to the middle of the rubber band replace the uncalibrated thermometer with
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091906Thermometer Calibration Experiment - Thermometer...

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