092606Measurements and Specific Gravity Lab

092606Measurements and Specific Gravity Lab - Measurements...

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Measurements and Specific Gravity CH 141 Laura Dunn 9/26/06 Section 101
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Purpose : To investigate using different forms of measurement and several aspects of measurement such as significant figures, accuracy, and calibration. Procedure : 1. Measurement of length using meter sticks Mark your height on one of the pillars by placing a mark on the tape provided. You may need the assistance of another student to do this. When you make your measurements use decimal estimates, (0.5 rather than ½) When measuring your height it is important to use the meter sticks in the proper sequence: 1 st uncalibrated 2 nd decimeter 3 rd millimeter 4 th two-meter Measure your height once with each of the meter sticks recording your measurements with the proper number of significant figures. When using the two-meter stick measure your height in inches also. 2. Density of a metal object Obtain a metal object from the side table and record its number After receiving instruction on the use of the vernier caliper, take the necessary measurements to calculate the volume of the object. Obtain the volume of the object by displacement. Place about 40.0 ml of water in a graduated cylinder and accurately record the volume. Next place the object in the graduated cylinder and record the new volume. Determine the mass of the object using the laboratory balance. 3. Calibrated Glass Ware There are two general types of calibrated glassware, laboratory and volumetric. Laboratory glassware like graduated cylinders are only calibrated to + or = 5%. Volumetric glassware comes in different grades but typically is + or – 0.2%.
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092606Measurements and Specific Gravity Lab - Measurements...

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