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101906 midterm essay

101906 midterm essay - after the other quickly jumping to...

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Laura Dunn English 101 10-19-06 Essay 4-in-class midterm essay The article “Why Aren’t We Shocked?” by Bob Herbert is based on the degradation of women and girls in today’s culture, and how this is almost a normal occurrence for us. It discusses the recent school shootings in Pennsylvania and Colorado and how not much was made of the fact that in both crimes, girls were singled out and attacked—shot, molested, or killed. The article goes on to explain the many ways we disrespect women, from inappropriate merchandise or advertisements to the stereotypes girls are pushed to fill. Herbert had a fairly strong argument throughout the article. It’s easy to look around and see these things going on; the introduction quote reinforces that we just need to walk into Abercrombie & Fitch to see disgusting messages on T-shirts for girls. The weak areas in this article were the number of topics and examples brought up one
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Unformatted text preview: after the other, quickly jumping to the next subject. The fact that they didn’t necessarily have a lot to do with the previously mentioned example was confusing. Also, I believe the second to last paragraph about rap and video games was poorly developed and just seemed to be thrown into the article. Contemporary society is very laid back, especially in our country. The treatment of women is a clear example of this. The sad part is that women have proven they have the brains, talent, and ambition to get things accomplished and to succeed in what used to be (and probably still is) a male-dominated world. Yet these roles of ditsy cheerleader blondes are being filled by someone . Somewhere the message didn’t get across, and certain girls are actually fueling these ideas. In my opinion, this makes it even more of a problem in today’s society. We aren’t shocked....
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