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120606 gift evaluation essay

120606 gift evaluation essay - Laura Dunn English 101 Essay...

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Laura Dunn English 101 12-15-06 Essay 7-Evaluation Essay Ch. 8 In light of the holiday season, I chose to evaluate the things I look for while purchasing gifts for people on my Nice List. This stressful time of year is filled with sales that make people equal to animals, companies coming out with the newest gadgets, and stores I’ve never heard of emerging. This may be a good opportunity for me to reevaluate, as well, because the success I’ve had thus far (with Christmas being only a couple weeks away) has been pretty low and disappointing. I look for three things when searching for that perfect present. First, I need to consider price, as I am a college student on a budget (with no job, I may add). A good price for a decent gift is usually around $10-$15 for me. I personally like to spend at least this much because I feel like my friends and family deserve something nice. If I find something cheap that I know they would love, I still like to get extra things even though price isn’t everything.
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