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english project Annotated Bibliography

english project Annotated Bibliography - Annotated...

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Annotated Bibliography Haley, Alex, and Malcolm X. The Autobiography of Malcolm X . New York: Ballantine Books, 1964. The Autobiography of Malcolm X presented Malcolm X’s life, from being born Malcolm Little, to changing into Malcolm X when he joined the Nation of Islam, to being given the title “El Hajj” after making the hajj. These names are very symbolic to the events ad time periods in Malcolm’s life, as I have just described. The Nation of Islam presented him with the last name of X, to represent the last name of the African tribe he would have belonged to, had his ancestors not been taken to America as slaves. Malcolm Little was his slave name, taken from his master’s European heritage. After Malcolm X was seen fit as a true Muslim after leaving the Nation of Islam, he received the distinction of “El Hajj”. He proudly displayed this in front of an Arabic form of his name, and his tombstone bears the title “El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz”. Malcolm X makes the journey through his life with many phases of self-discovery. He found a calling in preaching for the Nation of Islam under the guidance of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Elijah Muhammad’s adulterous crimes against the Nation of Islam and Malcolm X’s removal from the Nation of Islam also had significant impacts on Malcolm’s life. This book examines every highlight and shadow of Malcolm X’s existence, specifically the religion of Islam, which had such great meaning to him. “The Noble Qur'an.” USC-MSA Compendium of Muslim Texts 2007. 6 May 2007. <http://www.usc.edu/dept/MSA/quran/> This online translation of the Qu’ran is divided into sections with distinctive topics. The Qur’an is the main religious text of Islam. It literally means “recitation”, which refers to the
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revealing of the Qu’ran to the prophet Muhammad by the angel Gabriel over the course of Muhammad’s life. The Qu’ran is considered the word of God, and when Muslims refer to the Qu’ran, they usually mean the Arabic verses and scripture it consists of instead of any book or translation of it. They believe that the Qur'an is exactly as revealed in the original Arabic to Muhammad, and scholars haven’t yet found any other evidence to the contrary. It is perfect in this form. Any translation of the Qu’ran is different from the original version, and contains errors as a result of human inaccuracy and effort to interpret. Translations of the Qu’ran are regarded as just that, imperfect understanding of the purity it holds. The Qur'an is a very important source of guidance to Muslims, and dictates their beliefs and even laws to abide by. Muhammad, Elijah. “What the Muslims Want.” Nation of Islam Settlement No. 1 2002. 6 May 2007. <http://www.seventhfam.com/temple/program/want.htm> The text summarizes the main positions the Nation of Islam holds, and what they want. Elijah Muhammad states in the subheading to the title, “This is the question asked most
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english project Annotated Bibliography - Annotated...

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