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10-Proposal Final Draft - The Great Northerners: Laura...

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The Great Northerners : Laura Dunn, Katie Jerauld, Rebecca Nashett, Youssef Boctor POC 110 Prof. Winn Proposal Context Analysis Audience Patrick McGraw is the middle-aged Vice President of Student Services at Albany College of Pharmacy. He has several degrees, including his masters, and has an income in the low six- figures. He has been working at ACP for nearly 20 years. He is necessarily skeptical of any proposal that does not seem to him of immediate concern for the education ACP students receive, such as an off-campus transport system. He is, however, very open to spending time speaking to students about concerns or ideas they might have regarding student services. This may be due to the fact that the American culture he was raised in believes in being friendly and open, and because he has learned the professional culture of sharing with others in order to teach them, as well as learn from them. For this reason, he is likely to listen to a proposal with a curious and somewhat open mind, and give a lot of feedback. The values and beliefs he represents that would affect such a proposal and his take on it are those of the administration of ACP; wanting to provide quality services for students that will enhance their entire educational experiences, while maintaining priorities such as fiscal responsibility. Criteria The important criteria which will help Mr. McGraw decide on the value of this proposal are costs of running a shuttle service, use by student population, how it will benefit the student population, and feasibility. While it is important to Mr. McGraw that students get the best overall educational experience possible, it is also important that he makes a fiscally responsible decision that benefits the school overall. Also, he will want to be convinced that students would take advantage of the service in order to make sure it is a worthwhile endeavor. He will want to
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know what problems it would be solving, and how these problems would be solved. He will also want to know of any additional benefits the service may provide. Rhetorical Situation Our finished proposal will be given to ACP administration professionals, such as Mr. McGraw, to assess the significance of the problem and the possible changes that could result from our proposal. As students, we are concerned with improving ACP student life and activities so that our experiences are more enjoyable and less stressful. We would like to discuss options for implementing this program with people such as Associate Dean of Student Services Patrick McGraw and Dean John Denio. As members of the student body at Albany College of Pharmacy, we believe we are very aware of the problems and difficulties that face us as students. We experience first-hand the availability of certain services to students, and are impacted by this availability (or lack thereof) daily. Our motives are driven by social causes, specifically the betterment of life at ACP. This is a very important point for us because the majority of students who attend school here also live
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10-Proposal Final Draft - The Great Northerners: Laura...

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