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07-Report Final Draft

07-Report Final Draft - Laura Dunn POC 110 Prof Winn Report...

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Laura Dunn POC 110 Prof. Winn Report Final Audience Paul Griswold is a 72-year-old retired telephone company employee who has been working since he dropped out of high school in the beginning of senior year to help support his large family of 11. This is the last schooling he had; he never attended college, and has been working since he was 18 years old. He worked as a telephone repairman and installer for 40 years until his retirement at the age of 58. This provides him with a medium level pension of around $50,000, plus about $12,000 a year of Social Security benefits. Paul experienced a severe stroke a couple years ago, and still lives at home in upstate New York with his wife as his primary caregiver. All of his three children still live in the area, and come over often to help however they can. It is often a struggle for Paul’s wife, Therese, to take care of him on her own, as she is also not as young as she once was. She has grown very untrusting towards doctors during the course of her husband’s treatment, mainly because of her devotion to her husband and his unwillingness to cooperate. Beginning several months following the stroke, however, Paul began having unexplained seizures that worsened his condition as soon as he seemed to be making progress. They were told it was symptomatic epilepsy as a result of the damage sustained to Paul’s brain after his stroke. Therese began reading as much literature on the topic as she could find in books and health magazines. Discovering the symptoms and different ways to cope on her own, with her family, was much more satisfying than accepting an answer from a doctor. Paul and his wife are average senior citizens, enjoying the extra time that retirement affords. They are willing to do what it takes to ease both Paul’s and Therese’s situation. Rhetorical Situation Therese came across an article on symptomatic epilepsy in stroke patients in Prevention magazine one day and shared it with her husband. Prevention is a popular, commercial magazine that deals with health and lifestyle issues, including features on staying in shape, family health, and nutrition. Published by Rodale, Inc., the magazine is aimed at providing
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readers with tools to take care of themselves, delivering health news and research from trusted experts in every issue. It also attempts to motivate its readers into action with the many tips it includes.
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