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10-White Horehound Review Final Draft

10-White Horehound Review Final Draft - Laura Dunn POC 110...

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Laura Dunn POC 110 Prof. Winn Review Audience Analysis Trevor is an 18-year-old college freshman who has suffered from chronic asthma and sinus complications since he was young. His father, the sole provider of their two-person family, worked on construction his entire life until he was forced to retire several years ago due to permanent back injury. Neither construction nor unemployment offers optimum health and medical insurance, so his son Trevor has been forced to suffer with his symptoms for many years. Going away to college was a huge step for Trevor, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of financial aid and multiple soccer scholarships. He plans on making the most of his time as an environmental major, and doesn’t currently hold a job because he wishes to focus on his schoolwork. He hopes to explore many different options and pathways in college, including finding a natural remedy for his irritating health issues. Growing up in a small lakeside community in the Adirondacks, Trevor feels very in touch with nature. He was raised in a non-religious household and doesn’t have any solid beliefs, but always makes excellent moral choices. He wants to avoid synthetic products as much as possible, and use the earth’s natural resources. Trevor would take the advice of any doctor but would prefer one that was forward- thinking and understands the benefits of alternate forms of medicine. Criteria Having a father who drove to work in a different city every day, Trevor is used to doing things on his own. He feels completely comfortable with his independence, which is another one of the main reasons why he would rather not be dependent on excessive amounts of medication. He hears the horror stories of those who self medicate or become addicted to their painkillers. Of course, these serious situations wouldn’t happen simply because of asthma and the common cold; however, Trevor obviously prefers to have complete control over his body. It is also important to him that he doesn’t have to pay for expensive doctor visits or prescriptions. A natural remedy wouldn’t cost anywhere near as much money as inhalers can be. 1
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Trevor would also really appreciate the confidence that having a solution to his problem would provide him with. He would no longer have annoying symptoms as a part of his life and this could help him to thrive in other areas. Trevor would highly consider this when choosing an alternative remedy for his asthma. Rhetorical Situation Trevor came across an article about white horehound while reading the latest Sports Illustrated magazine. This magazine is usually for recreational reading on sports, teams, players and coaches. Usually it focuses on promoting physical fitness and caters to the many men and women around the country who are involved in or simply enjoy sports. Sports Illustrated would be interested in sponsoring the cultural trend of correct health practices. It included an article about a soccer player from Argentina who had recently been experimenting with herbs and other
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10-White Horehound Review Final Draft - Laura Dunn POC 110...

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