Project Write-up-1

Project Write-up-1 - Percent of colored M&M's in each bag...

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14.72 21.13 19.06 13.58 15.09 16.42 Phil Bannan, Val Canto, Anthony Debboli, Laura Dunn(4G) Introduction: The reason why our group chose this topic is because often when we are eating M&M’s we wonder how many of each color there is and if this amount is consentient between bags, or if there is a different amount of each color in each bag. We designed this experiment so we could provide data to support whether the amount of each M&M color is the same between bags or if the number varies. We do believe that this topic is of general interest, because people do wonder why some bags have a disproportionate amount of one color compared to another. And while this Study Design: For this study we obtained 25, 1.69 oz bags of M&M’s and we opened each bag and counted the total number of M&M’s. We then counted the color of each M&M in each bag. From this we divided the number of each color M&M by the total number of M&M’s in the bag. This gave us the percent of each color and each bag, and we compared this number with the other 24 bags, as well as the percents given on the M&M website. The bags were assigned randomly to each experimenter. In order to make sure that no experimenter had any bias and tried to shape the results each bag was counted four times, by four different people. This was just in case one of the
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Project Write-up-1 - Percent of colored M&M's in each bag...

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