06 Euthyphro - (Italics are Euthyphro's definitions...

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(Italics are Euthyphro’s definitions) Euthyphro: What is piety? It was believed than an injustice would pollute one’s entire family. Euth says piety is punishing those who do wrong . Soc says don’t give me examples of piety, tell me what characteristics all acts of piety have. What gives us warrant to say something is pious? So then Euth says that piety is doing what pleases the gods . Don’t the gods disagree and war among themselves? What pleases one god might displease another god, right (Odysseus, Poseidon, and Athena for e.g.)? So can the same action be both pious and impious at the same time? So new def. of Euth’s: Piety is what all the gods love. So is something pious because they love it? Or do the gods love piety because of the nature of piety itself? (Torpedo fish question, Euth is dumbfounded)… Socrates goes on to suggest (but only suggest) that it looks like the gods love piety because of the nature of piety itself. Is something visible because it’s seen or do we see something because that something is a visible thing? Does carrying something make it carry-able or does the nature of something make it possible to be carried and thus we carry it? But we still haven’t even said anything about what piety actually is… But there is no answer, the dialogue breaks off and Euthyphro has to leave (another characteristic of the early dialogues – no conclusion is reached) So, we’re still in the fog as to what the heck piety is. Seeing something does not make something visible. It is something’s visibility that makes it see-able.
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06 Euthyphro - (Italics are Euthyphro's definitions...

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