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calc notes lecture 21 - Lecture Section 21 4.1-4.3...

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Lecture Section Objectives Assignment 21 4.1-4.3 Exponential Functions Natural Exponential Functions Derivatives of Exponential Functions 4.1: 1-33 eoo, 35, 39, 41b 4.2: 1-21 eoo, 39-45 odd 4.3: 1-29 eoo, 39, 41 Understanding Goals: 1. Understand the properties of exponents and know how to use it to evaluate and simplify exponential expressions. 2. To be able to sketch the graphs of exponential functions. 3. Understand how to evaluate and graph functions involving the natural exponential function. 4. To be able to solve compound interest and present value problems. 5. To be able to differentiate natural exponential functions. 6. Understand how to use calculus to analyze the graphs of functions that involve the natural exponential function. 7. Explore the normal probability density function. 1
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: After t years, the initial mass of 16 grams of a radioactive element whose half-life is 30 years is given by 30 1 16 2 t y , 0 t . a) How much of the initial mass remains after 50 years?
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calc notes lecture 21 - Lecture Section 21 4.1-4.3...

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