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Theatrical Heritage final - Bixler Catherine Bixler Dixon...

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Bixler Catherine Bixler Dixon Reynolds Theatrical Heritage 4 December 2007 Costume Design for The Rising Of The Moon For the play The Rising Of The Moon by Lady Gregory, I chose to design costumes for the Sergeant, the Ragged Man, and the Policemen. In the play, the Sergeant and the Policemen are looking for a criminal and are posting notices for his capture/arrest all over the set. The Policemen leave to go post more notices, and the Sergeant stays by the port to watch and wait for the criminal to show himself. The criminal does show up, but ends up talking to the Sergeant and convincing him that they are really the same man- that they were really the same boy- and that they have just ended up on different paths of life. The Sergeant, not knowing that the man he is talking to is the criminal he is looking for, takes what the man says to heart and allows him to carry on his way even after learning that he is indeed the criminal that he is after. The Ragged Man is dressed in a disguise when he first appears onstage, wearing a hat and a wig to conceal his identity. I designed the Ragged Man and the Sergeant in similar costumes, but reversed their colors. The colors black and white represent the colors of good and evil, and I chose to use these two colors as the bases for the costumes of the Sergeant and the Ragged Man. Since the Sergeant is supposed to fight for good and defend against evil, I put him in a white top, which is where most of the audience’s focus 1
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Theatrical Heritage final - Bixler Catherine Bixler Dixon...

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