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Unformatted text preview: I 'Goals: N I .. fiomework (due next meeting) I 0 Generate ideas and prose for Final Reflection - Begin drafting Final Reflection essay. essay and conference. ' Bring in 2—3 passages (sentences, paragraphs) from your semester portfolio that you’re especially proud of. Class Activities: ° Using Zhang, discuss with students how to develop their own ideas into a reflective essay. ' Explain Final Conference (i.e., the required oral component of Final Reflection essay, held during Final Exams week, in which students provide, among other things, summary of essay). ° Do final course evaluations. Goals: ' Continue working on Final Reflection essay. - Remind students about final conferences. Homework (due next meeting) ' Continue working on Final Reflection essay. Class Activities: ' Return to discussion about reading and writing from beginning of semester and have students reflect on it based on their experiences over the semester. 0 Have students share passages from their work over the semester that they’re especially proud of MON. 5/12 Goals: . Homework (due next meeting) (last day of ' Prepare students for Final Conference. ' Complete Final Reflection essay and bring class) Class Activities: to conference. ° Go over important details about conferences and other end-of-semester matters. 5/15 - 5122 Goals: - With help of Final Reflection essay, look backwards with student across the semester and forward to his or her future writing. Class Activities: " Required Final Conferences. - Required Final Reflection essay due. -' Final Writer‘s Notebook check. FRI. 5/23 Hard copy of students” final grades due in Writing Pro :4 am main office b 12:00 noon ' TUE. 5/27 Final grades due on SPIRE by 12:00 noon. 10 ...
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