Assignment 8.1 Arceo

Assignment 8.1 Arceo - Ruth Arceo

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Ruth Arceo Published: Tuesday, March 18, 2008 By: Sharon Edelson J. Crew Pushes Accessories to the Front This article basically states that J. Crew has expanded their collections to accessories. In the near future they plan on reaching out to the handbag department. Although as stated in the article the value in the dollar has decreased therefore it is getting harder to figure out prices for their new handbags that they plan to have in soon. At the same time J. Crew doesn’t want lose their customers trust with how expensive the new line will be. Although J. Crew is an elite brand that is more expensive than for example GAP, they know they are going to have to raise their prices. Also with their fine jewelry line the prices haven’t been a problem. Their customers have still wanted to come back no matter the price. They are also introducing new higher end products, which comes with the higher end price as well. They had a sequin jacket that sold out within 2 days being sold at $3000. Overall I think it’s a good idea for J. Crew to expand their name into handbags and accessories. This is a profitable move for
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Assignment 8.1 Arceo - Ruth Arceo

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