01 Existence of God - The Existence of God ,Is there a...

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The Existence of God ‘Is there a god(s)?’ The question of the existence of God goes back to antiquity. In the last two centuries, the number of philosophers who are theists has sharply declined. Sartre thought the question was irrelevant. Russell was an atheist. Only one major philosopher of the last two centuries was a theist and that was A. N. Whitehead. His student, Charles Hartshorne, though not a major figure, worked through the physics and natural sciences of his day and worked out a philosophy in conjunction with relativity and quantum mechanics called “process philosophy” – in this process philosophy there is a god. Hartshorne has a mathematical proof of the existence of god that was published in the 1940s – logicians have claimed since that time to have detected a couple of flaws in that proof. Hartshorne died close to the age of 100, and he thought probably more about god through his life than anyone else had since Thomas Aquinas or so. In 1930s he debated Einstein – the topic was “Does God throw dice?” – Einstein said that he did not and that God used a beautiful mathematical principles to found reality. Hartshorne said that God did play dice. Atom is an event – atoms contain smaller events (the quarks, etc.) – thus the stuff of the universe is events, a process. Electrons, photons, etc., have feeling – they form societies, as events wrap around each other in various ways. Wrapping around is called “prehension” – that one event prehends another. The feeling part is called panpsychism – we are complex societies of energy packages which feel. So my cells are prehended by the event which is tissue, the tissue is prehended by organ, organ is prehended by organ system, organ system is prehended by organism, organism is prehended by population, population is prehended by the community, community is prehended by the United States, which is prehended by Earth which is prehended by the Galaxy, which is prehended by Universe, which is prehended by God. Thus God is that which prehends all. Views of God: 1) Personalistic Theism a. G <-> | U | b. Circle is universe, God is in some since outside the Universe. God is a kind of super-person. He is like a person, but in a very magnified and amplified way. God thinks, has intelligence, has feelings and emotions, and has a will. God can affect the Universe and God is affected by the Universe. c. Varieties: i. Perfect: Super-Person is regarded as perfect (no flaws, no limits). God is that of which no greater can be conceived. ii.
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01 Existence of God - The Existence of God ,Is there a...

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