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Exam 1 Study Guide - History Science Neuroscience...

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PSY 2012 Section 11 Fall 2006 James Exam Date: September 26, 2006 Covers Prologue and Chapters 1, 2, and 3 (Things that were only talked about in class are marked with ***) I. Know these things from the Prologue of our textbook and/or lectures: - the definition of psychology, of course!! - biopsychosocial approach - basic differences between the perspectives mentioned in table 1 that we have covered so far - difference between basic research and applied research - effective study strategies II. Be able to define and apply these SCIENCE and EXPERIMENTATION Terms to hypothetical situations critical thinking Experiment control condition theory double-blind procedure random assignment hypothesis placebo effect independent variable correlational research experimental condition dependent variable III. Know these things about the scientific approach to human behavior, correlation & causation, & experiments: - Psychology’s 3 main goals *** - the limits of common sense (hindsight bias, overconfidence, availability bias***, confirmation bias***) - the scientific attitude - the scientific method (know the method talked about in class) - Be able to determine if an example demonstrates positive, negative, or no correlation (like the ones in class) - Be able to explain the meaning of a correlation coefficient (e.g., +1.00) - Know the difference between illusory correlation and spurious correlation*** (and be able to apply) - If variables A and B are correlated, can you always assume that A causes B? why or why not? *** - The 3 criteria a variable must meet to be considered causal ***
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Exam 1 Study Guide - History Science Neuroscience...

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