Exam 2 study guide Fall 06

Exam 2 study guide Fall 06 - Development, Sensation,...

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PSY 2012 Section 11 Fall 2006 Exam Date: October 17, 2006 (A lot of this material was covered in the lectures so lecture notes might be a good place to start – anything you don’t thoroughly understand, look at the book. There are also some items that weren’t in the lecture at all so you’ll definitely need to check out the book for those) I. Be able to define and apply these Development terms to hypothetical situations Developmental psychology Accommodation Basic trust Rooting reflex Schemas Puberty Grasping reflex Attachment/Attachment Theory Habituation Critical Period Menarche Assimilation Imprinting II. Know these things about development from lecture and/or book: - how do we define childhood? adolescence? - why do we have trouble remembering things from when we are young? At what age are our earliest conscious memories? - What is the correct sequence of motor skill development in childhood? Are they the same or different around the world? - Is it possible to test cognitive development in infants? If so, how is it done? - know all of Piaget’s theory of cognitive development (basically be very familiar with things from class & book – especially what a child is capable of at each stage as well as the phenomena that go with that stage) - What is the Strange Situation? What are the different attachment styles (and be able to describe how kids with various attachment styles would act in a given situation)? -
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Exam 2 study guide Fall 06 - Development, Sensation,...

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