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MUH2012 SEMESTER NOTES - Number of Words 3,187 MUH2012...

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Number of Words 3,187 MUH2012 NOTES Two Types of Music Program music- tells a story, paints a picture, allows you to imagine something in your head o Symphonic/tone poem- most highly developed form of music played in one single movement. Absolute music- music that places an emphasis on form and the development of themes o Symphony- most highly developed form o All of this music is from the romantic period. It opposes the enlightenment. It gives the writers a freedom of expression. Most of the music is based on expression. Liszt He is though of as the father of the symphonic poem o symphonic poem- one single movement, free form o uses poetic suggestion o turned away from the form of a symphony inventor of the piano recital Wrote 400 transcriptions o Transcription- to arrange music from one medium to another, playing symphonies on the piano Used the chromatic scale which enabled composers to move from key to key, people cannot tell where the music is going. Used theme transformation where fragments of music are very developed throughout the piece, this develops a theme throughout the piece. Contributions: last to use absolute music. Also his harmonies were in the form of chromatic modulation to make the piano sound like an entire orchestra. Wrote 12 symphonic poems “Les Preludes”- includes theme transformations and poetic suggestions. It has 3 sections instead of 4. They are love, storm, and a call to arms. “Piano Concerto #1 in E Flat Major”- also known as the Triangle Concerto, consists of 4 sections instead of the the traditional 3. represents theme transformation. Hector Berlioz Won the prix de rome, given to a young composer with great talent to go to Rome and study for 2 years
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Wrote a symphony and dedicated it to Harriet. They married soon after but were separated. This symphony was called The Fantastic Symphony Created the modern symphony orchestra as well as the program symphony. These were his two greatest contributions His symphony has five movements and is based on the Idee Fix. These movements were based on the five hallucinations he had from taking opium. They had a detailed table of contents which were the passing, the ball, in the country, the march to the guillotine, and the witches Sabbath He used a sense of tone and color in his music. He created tone pictures Roman Carnival Overture is an example of a concert overture that he wrote which is designed to play alone. He used a style in the roman carnival overture it called Tarantella. This is a very fast Italian dance that is still very popular today. Camille Saint-Saens Wrote his first symphony at age 18 He was primarily an organist and a concert pianist He completed his doctor of music at Cambridge university It is said that the time of his death marks the end of romanticism Characteristics of his music style: he was a master of orchestration, he was the leading musician in france, his music is elegant and polished, he used old
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MUH2012 SEMESTER NOTES - Number of Words 3,187 MUH2012...

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