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Media Day Questions, “Rebel Music” The original members of the Wailers band were__ Bob Marley _, Bunny Livingston _, and Peter McIntosh. BM’s wife was named Rita Marley. The Wailers first record, a number one hit, was called Catch a Fire. What events caused BM to turn to Rastafarianism? He turned to Rastafarianism in 1966, after going to America and witnessing the hate crimes towards blacks. (ex. KKK) He then went back to Jamaica and turned to Rastafarianism. What was the CIA up to in Jamaica? What did this have to do with BM?
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Unformatted text preview: The CIA was influencing the Labor Party to create tension between The People’s National Party. It created an attempt on Bob Marley’s life. He furthered this threat when he founded with “Smile Jamaica”. What was the purpose of the “One Love” Peace concert? It was to create peace in political tensions in Jamaica. It occurred during a Civil War in Jamaica. In the performance of Jammin’, Bob Marley joined the hands of political rivals Michael Manley and Edward Seaga....
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