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walmart - can get cheap stuff which is hard to find in some...

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Is Wal-Mart good for America? In this paper we will discuss about the argument that is wall- mart good for America or not. Everyone has their own different views on topic like this. They have are fifty-fifty shot what they want to support and why. In this topic my opinion is that wall-mart is good for America and I will also support my statements with the explanation. We can talk about both how wall-mart is good to people and also to the American economy. And how it’s going to help us in what ways. First we will talk about how it is helpful to the people of America. And how they will be delighted by wall-mart service. Everyone thinks why the economist and other business people say Wal-Mart is good for America. Because it is the best place we can go for shopping. Also we get the best customer service around the town. We can find anything there which we want. For instance from clothes to TV and foods, automobiles. We won’t have to go to different places to shop we could find anything we want under one roof. Why we should shop there, because we
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Unformatted text preview: can get cheap stuff which is hard to find in some other stores and those are quadruple times expensive than wall-mart. Why it is good for America, because it is one of the biggest company that makes more profit and trade exchange values. It is also the top most capital producing which gives boost to the U.S economy. Wal-Mart is also good for America because it’s a big company so they are going to need people to run the company. And also they will have to hire new people to give good customer service. By this many people will get employment. And by getting employed they will have to pay taxes which will help government’s funds In the future. This is how the employment ratio will go up and there will be less people depressed and moving towards drugs and other illegal stuff, because they will be employed. From this short summary we can tell that Wal-Mart is good for America....
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walmart - can get cheap stuff which is hard to find in some...

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