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journal 4 - Input is something that we take in and learn in...

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Comprehension questions for Journal 4 Answer each of the following questions fully—write at least 1 paragraph for each question. Imagine you are explaining these ideas to individuals who have never read anything about Second Language Acquisition (SLA). 1. What is the difference between a model and a theory? Model is something that is plan, pattern. For example a model of the house or apartment which is plan and made for the customers to look at it before they decide to but the house. Theory has number of different meaning in it in different areas/ knowledge’s Difference between them is that model is practical thing like house or something while theory is explained in many different ways and has many outcome to it and we have to always prove the theory.. 2- How do input, interaction and output produce language learning?
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Unformatted text preview: Input is something that we take in and learn in like English we learn from normal Human s who we meet in our everyday life. Output is when we use the knowledge to communicate we got from people also called input. And when these things happens it is called interaction which is when two objects reacts it makes action. 3-What do you think is most important to language learning—input, interaction or output? Why? I think the most important to language learning is interaction out of these three because it only happens when two object formed reacts and takes action and these two objects are input and output. Which people can learn from their everyday life and will be easy to understand it. 4-What is the Interaction Hypothesis? What does it claim?...
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