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Adam Collier Essay # 3 0595598 Leda and the Swan is the Greek tale of the god Zeus who either raped or seduced Leda, in the form of a swan. This tale had been written in the form of a poem by William Butler Yeats and has been portrayed in many other forms of art, especially in paintings. Cezanne’s Leda and Swan differs from most of the others. In this painting Leda is sitting on what looks to be a comfortable chair of some sort, leaning back, with her hand being taken by the Swan’s beak. The biggest difference in Cezanne’s depiction of Leda and the Swan from the others is Leda’s face; she is looking at her hand being taken by the swan and looks somewhat angry or concerned, unlike Tintoretto’s or Leonardo’s where Leda looks fairly pleased. Henri Matisse’s painting of Leda and the Swan is also very unique. This is more of an abstract painting; it doesn’t have the details of the others. As well as in Cezanne’s, Leda is sitting again, but here the swan is above her and is putting his beak to her face. It’s hard
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