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Romantic and Erotic love

Romantic and Erotic love - It takes a lot of work for two...

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Adam Collier 1/20/08 EMPLID: 0595598 What is the difference between romantic and erotic love? I believe that romantic love is a feeling that two people share who admire all of the qualities of one another and usually ends in marriage if sustained. Erotic love involves more of a strictly sexual attraction and desire between couples. Romantic love can take a large amount of time to be felt between two people, unlike erotic love which can felt in a much shorter time period. A couple that is feeling erotic love between one another doesn’t necessarily need to admire the qualities of each other or get to know one another as well as a couple who is experiencing romantic love. Erotic love is much easier to establish and to maintain, I think it’s more common in younger couples such as college students. I can personally say that I’ve felt erotic love but I don’t believe I’ve felt romantic love yet.
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Unformatted text preview: It takes a lot of work for two people to feel romantic love for a long period of time, it’s very common to meet people who have been married multiple times or had many lovers. Romantic love can exist without sex, unlike erotic love. It’s my belief that a couple that is in romantic love is willing to do anything for their partner if possible, that when they see each other it becomes hard to breathe and sometimes the feeling of “butterflies” in their stomach is experienced. When a couple that is sharing erotic love sees each other, they experience lust, a strong sexual desire for one another, although this same feeling can also be felt with Romantic Love. I think that any type of love experienced is the best feeling in the world, nothing can top it. It’s extremely difficult to define any type of love; it’s such an intense feeling that’s very hard to put into words....
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